Over 2s

      Our Pre School room caters for children from 2-5 years of age. The environment is designed to best meet the needs of children at their different ages and developmental stages. The Pre School room has its own sleep area and inside and outside play areas, with teachers always on hand to welcome families and their children.

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Children at Omokoroa Pre school will experience a planned and emergent curriculum that will build on their experiences, knowledge, skills, attitudes, needs, interests and views of the world. Children will be given opportunities to learn and develop to their potential as well as to share and participate fully in the teaching and learning process. The programme incorporates the NZ Te Whariki Curriculum which encourages children to use their abilities to grow and learn within an atmosphere of stimulation and harmony.
Daily Routine:
07:00 Centre opens. The environment is set up ready for your child’s day. Our focus is to help settle your child into the centre and say goodbye to you. Your child soon gets busy at activities in their environment.
9:20 We begin to tidy up ready for our morning tea.
9:30 Transition to school programme
9:40 Mat time
10:00 We begin to wash our hands for morning tea and do karakia. After morning tea the children put away their drink bottles and chairs before choosing from independent activities or planned activities often linked to children’s interests and the planning.
11:30 We begin to tidy up for lunch before we begin our daily mat time.
12 o’clock We wash hands say karakia and eat lunch. After lunch children who are sleeping go the their beds with a teacher into the open sleep room and the other children are able to choose a quiet activity inside or go outside
14:30 When we tidy up ready for afternoon tea which we usually eat outside in the shade weather permitting. After afternoon tea children can choose from independent and planned activities until we begin to wind down the day.

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