4yo Programme

The 4 Year Old Programme is a 30 minute session each morning between 9.30 - 10am where all of the 4 year old children participate in a group time and activities that are specially planned to help them work towards school readiness.
Our Focus
➢ Early literacy and numeracy skills
➢ Letter recognition
➢ Number recognition
➢ Writing practice - Name and pincer grip
➢ Letter and words sounds
➢ Following instructions
➢ Teamwork and group interaction skills
➢ Respecting others
➢ Communication and Questioning skills
➢ Listening skills
➢ Self-help skills
➢ Confidence 
School Readiness
Essentially, school readiness is about a child being prepared to manage themselves appropriately in the school environment.

Ideally a new entrance student should be able to:
✔ Listen carefully to stories
✔ Follow instructions
✔ Sit quietly on the mat
✔ Raise hand to ask a question
✔ Put on shoes and jersey
✔ Put bag away
✔ Wash hands
✔ Sit and eat food at break times
✔ Pack bag and carry it
✔ Ask for help
✔ Build Friendships
Local Schools
We have 3 local schools in our area, these are Omokoroa Point School, Pahoia School, and Number One School. We have worked closely with these schools while developing our own curriculum to help ease our children's transitions into these schools.

We also do school visits to these schools with the children closest to 5.
Lunchbox Day
Each Wednesday we have a lunchbox day where the 4 year olds bring along a packed lunch. The purpose of lunchbox day is to help children prepare for being responsible for their own lunch. During this day, the children are learning to space out their kai throughout the day and how to open their packaging.

We ask that you provide a healthy lunch for our child that has enough kay for morning tea and lunch including at least 2 pieces of fruit or vegetables.

We have a nut free policy here at Omokoroa Preschool so please do not include peanut butter or nuts in their lunch.

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